Media Erase Reviews

Media Erase Reviews

Read the reviews given by our clients over time to know more about our problem-solving skills.

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“Happy to not have my past criminal records in the public eye, thanks to the team!”

- Michael A. Harris

“Contacted the company for getting a fake article taken down from a local news outlet. It took a bit long but I'm happy that it’s finally gone.”

- James Lefevre

“The consultants made it easy to understand the otherwise troublesome process of getting this fake media coverage about me. I wasn’t so sure initially as it took about 2 months to finally get it off Google, but now I am much relieved. Credit goes to the team Media Erase!”

- Tammy B. Bender

“We probably thought we had hit a dead end with this fake reviews situation, but thankfully we found guys at Media Erase who got rid of it. I’d rate my experience as satisfactory.”

- Donald Pearson

“We have been working with Media Erase as our ORM partner for Social Media handles and their services, thus far, have been on-point!”

- Pauline Kasper

“The content person at Media Erase sounded professional and knew what he was doing. We were getting constant attacks from spam sites, and it was getting out of hand. All the fake reviews were removed within 2 weeks and now we know what to do when such a situation arises. Recommended for ORM!”

- Alfred Pennyworth

“I was pretty blank what exactly to do when this site published a harangue about my business. The people at ME understood the matter and offered removal services. We kept hitting dead ends initially but after 1 month, the negative content was taken down. I did already lose some business but thankfully some crisis control has been done. I am grateful to ME for helping me out.”

- Don Tucker