Media Erase is an Online Reputation Management company that offers dedicated services for bolstering digital reputation. We help brands deal with unsolicited negative information published online and improve their digital presence with the help of niche content marketing services. Our operations are designed to help brands present their authentic image online with a customer-friendly outlook. We are based in Canada and serve clients in the USA, APAC, and other parts of the world.
Content removal can take up to 3-4 months depending upon the case. Certain sites don’t have strict content guidelines and usually take down the content quickly. Others can take more time, depending upon moderation policies. We can hasten the process in critical situations.
No, it doesn’t matter. We focus on getting rid of negative publicity as it can adversely affect the brand in the digital space. One bad apple shouldn’t bite the brand or individual as in any case, information travels faster online, which means even inadvertent mistakes can invite unnecessary negativity.
Content Removal typically means that the content will be deleted from the internet forever. Content suppression techniques are also used depending upon the case, but removal refers to the deletion of content from web properties that host it.
Yes, we specifically cater to the removal of unsolicited or fake reviews that are put out just to hurt the brand’s online reputation. We have a system in place to constantly monitor the reviews being made by customers on popular review boards. We help the brand maintain a clean reputation by removing any reviews that are designed for defamation.

So far, we have been successful in getting content taken down from more than 20,000 websites and counting. Our content removal process is quite effective but then there always be a few roadblocks in case a certain website has extra strict policies. In any case, we have methods to deal with tough cases, and we have achieved a relatively effective content removal score.

The content removal process begins with the assignment of a content expert with the client’s team. The expert tries to understand the case deeply and ensures that the key questions are answered. The expert then gathers information on the technical aspects such as the time when the content was published, who owns the content, what is the best strategy to get it removed. Once we have clarity on these points, we initiate the removal process, which can take up to 3 months depending upon the nature of the case.
Most kinds of content can be removed. May it be review sites, news outlets, or personal blogs, there are ways to get inappropriate content removed from most kinds of web properties. We have to remember that certain kinds of content may take more time and effort than others. We do have techniques to crack the tough nuts but then it’s a subjective matter and depends upon the case.

As our services are highly specific to the case and demands of our clients, we operate on a quote basis. We welcome you to get in touch with us so that we can offer the best quote to you based on your expectations.

Please get in touch with us to know more about our pricing and obtain the best price for your business needs.

Yes, there are several ways to protect against future negative content. We generally employ content monitoring systems that scour the web to cull out negative content pieces about your brand. We then take corrective action before any harm could be inflicted upon your brand.

We also have niche content marketing services that help you boost your online image with positive coverage. This helps in suppressing negative results and content, futureproofing you from negative publicity. We employ SEO and content design to help you in such cases.

We offer content creation and publishing services to our clients that are aimed at repairing online reputation with the help of high-authority positive content. We take the help of influential web properties and credible sources of information to do so.

As positive content can have several meanings, we always consult the kind of content that’ll go the best with your brand’s existing image. We take extra care in ensuring that the content isn’t self-promoting or unnaturally placed.

De-index means removing the content from the eyes of the search engine so that it’s not searchable using search queries. If your content is de-indexed, it’ll not appear in Google (or similar search engine) results.

De-indexing is different from deletion as deleted content is never retrievable but de-indexed content still exists online, just that it is not visible to users. Some cases employ de-indexing while others may want to opt for deletion. We collaborate with you to figure the best strategy for your business and case